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All About Enrollment Boost

Enrollment Boost is here to help you operate at full capacity, while saving you precious time and effort. Questions? We've got answers.

What is Enrollment Boost? 

Enrollment Boost is Kinside's risk-free marketing tool designed to help child care providers fill their open spots quickly. When you choose Enrollment Boost, Kinside launches a marketing campaign on your behalf, promoting your available spots to local families who have opted in to email and SMS as well as featuring your profile on a dedicated landing page. We focus on contacting families who have indicated they are looking for a spot that aligns with your opening.


How much does Enrollment Boost cost? 

Enrollment Boost operates on a success-based pricing model, so it's risk-free for you. You only pay when a newly enrolled family can be attributed to Kinside. This means that the family found your open spot via Kinside. Once a parent enrolls their child in your program, a fee is applied. 


How  do I sign up for Enrollment Boost? 

Here's a quick overview of how to opt-in to Enrollment Boost. Spoiler alert: we've made it really easy!


How does Kinside collect enrollment fees?

Once a Kinside enrollment is confirmed, the easiest way to pay is by connecting your bank account to Kinside. Alternatively, we’ll email you an invoice for the 30% enrollment fee via bill.com, easily payable via bank account or credit card online.


What happens if the enrolled family doesn't stay enrolled? 

If a family unenrolls within the first 30 days, you'll be refunded for Kinside’s enrollment fee.


Do you charge for all enrollments or just the ones that come from leads generated by Kinside?

We only bill for leads that we generated for you. Kinside carefully tracks lead source and you’ll never be billed for a family who cannot be attributed to a Kinside marketing campaign.


How can I improve my profile page to get better results?

When you opt into Enrollment Boost, your Kinside profile page gets highlighted for local parents. To maximize results, ensure that you have tours set up correctly, including available tour times. Your profile should be as robust as possible, ideally with high-quality photos of your facility.

Linking your profile to your website is also beneficial, allowing parents to learn more about your program and easily book a tour or inquire directly from your website.


How can I link my profile? 

To link your profile, simply reach out to support@kinside.com with the subject line "Link," and your dedicated account manager will assist you in getting set up. Linking is possible from a dedicated website, Google business profile, and/or Facebook page.


Can I promote individual spots within a classroom?

Enrollment Boost requires you to promote all the open spots within your program. For instance, if you have multiple vacancies within a single toddler classroom, Kinside will promote the entirety of the program instead of an individual spot. 


Can I opt-out of Enrollment Boost?

You can opt out of Enrollment Boost anytime, but you'll be billed for any enrollments generated by Kinside during your active Enrollment Boost period. For example, if you opt out on October 3 and a family brought in by Kinside enrolls on October 7, you will still be responsible for that enrollment.


What happens if I don’t mark my enrollments in the product?

Providers who do not mark their enrollments in product will no longer be eligible to participate in Enrollment Boost and promote their openings. For a refresher on how to mark your enrollments or post your openings, reach out to support@kinside.com.  


Do I need to be opted into Enrollment Boost in order for my Kinside profile to be discovered in the Kinside marketplace? 

No, you do not need to opt into Enrollment Boost for parents to discover you inside of the Kinside marketplace. Your profile will still appear for families who are searching for care in your zip code. 


Have any questions or need some help? Reach out to us through the in-platform chat, book a call with our team, or email us at support@kinside.com.