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How to create or edit your Google Business Profile to connect with more families online

Google Business Profiles connect to Google maps. Link your Kinside profile page so more families take action without having to call.

Did you know that this profile is what connects to Google Maps? Google Maps tends to be the first place that families search when they are looking for child care near them. So having a FREE Google Business Profile for your child care program is one of the most effective ways to help families find you.

By linking your Kinside profile page to your Google Business Profile, families can take action faster by joining your waitlist, scheduling a tour, or checking your availability!

How to find or create your Google Business Profile
  1. Log in to your Google account by going to www.google.com
    1. If you do not have a Google account, you can create one for free, and sign up with your business email domain
  2. Go to Create a Profile
  3. Search for your business by typing in your business name and location. If you can't find your business, click "Add your business to Google"
    Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 9.34.21 AM
  4. For your business category type in "child care" and select "child care agency"Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 9.40.21 AM
  5. Click next
  6. Select "Yes" to add your locationScreenshot 2023-11-17 at 9.40.55 AM
  7. Add your address
  8. Click next
  9. For the question, "Do you provide deliveries or home and office visits?" select "No."
  10. Click next
  11. Add your business phone number and in the field that says "current website URL" copy and paste the URL for your Kinside profile pageScreenshot 2023-11-17 at 9.42.49 AM
  12. Click next
  13. If you want updates and recommendations, click "Yes" 
  14. Select to get verified either via cell phone or email ( you might also be automatically verified)

  15. If necessary, enter the Verification Code you received in your email or via text message to your cell phone
  16. Click Verify
  17. View your Google Business Profile by searching for your business on Google

There are lots of things that you can do with a FREE Google Business Profile. Just be aware that Google will try to upsell you by urging you to set up your website with them or purchase ads. Thankfully, having your Kinside profile page linked here reduces the need for you to spend money on ads!

Have any questions or need some help? Reach out to us through the in-platform chat, book a call with our team, or email us at support@kinside.com