How do I change my tour schedule or availability?

Update or add the hours and days you offer virtual or in-person tours.

Your tour availability is what families will see on your Enrollment Page when they are scheduling a tour. It is important to keep your tour availability, including unavailable tour dates, up-to-date so families can see accurate availability when scheduling.

How to update your tour availability:

  1. Click on the Tours tab in the left menu. Then select the third tab, "Tour Settings". 


    When the page appears, in the "Weekly Tour Availability" section, there is a pencil icon you'll click on.

  3. When the popup appears, go ahead and fill out your availability. When completed, click "Save Changes."

  4. Make sure to scroll down and add any Unavailable Tour Dates or Tour Policies for your program.


That's it! Want more customization? Email us at to submit a request, or click the feedback button in your Enrollment Platform to send suggestions.