How can I waive, discount, or require fees for families that receive subsidies?

Most programs waive all fees associated with subsidy families, and this article walks you through how to waive fees for families with subsidies that you accept. Some programs require families to pay the waitlist fee and/or a partial deposit, even if they receive subsidies. We'll walk you through that as well!

Please note: waiving waitlist fees for families with subsidies is on by default. 

  1. Navigate to the "Tuition" section.

    How to Add a Subsidy_Discount Code on Kinside - Step 2
  2. Click "Edit fees" 

  3. If you want all fees waived for families that receive subsidies, you'll want to toggle the "waive waitlist and deposit fees for families with subsidy programs" on (green and click "Save changes".
    How to Activate Waitlist and Waive Fees on Kinside - Step 6
  4. If you require families with subsidies to pay the fee, you'll  toggle "Waive waitlist and deposit fees" off and click "Save changes".

If you want to charge families a fee, but discount the fee, then you'll need to follow the steps in this article about discounts on Kinside.

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