Reviewing and editing a child waitlist record

Getting started

Start by clicking the arrow drop down to the right of the child you'd like to review/edit

Overview of the child waitlist record or card

  1. The child's name or initials (the example above is not an actual child record)
  2. Child details:
    1. DOB
    2. Parent/Guardian name (since this is a fake record for this article, no parent is listed here)
    3. Preferred schedule(s) - this is also noted in the upper right hand corner, as the family has chosen multiple schedules
    4. Preferred start date
    5. Tour date (if any)
    6. Link to family profile page
  3. Waitlist name and number on the list
  4. Internal notes
  5. Custom Questions
  6. Messaging
  7. Remove from waitlist option(s)

Edit child details

To get started, click "Edit" to the right of child details. A pop up will appear for you to proceed with editing. Please note that the parent/guardian will be able to see any changes you make to their waitlist record answers/preferences.

  1. Click the calendar or in the box to modify the preferred start date
  2. Choose the schedule or schedules the parent is willing to consider for enrollment
  3. Make sure to click Save when you're finished, or cancel to cancel changes

Edit internal notes

Click the Edit link to the right of "Internal notes". The text box will open, and you can add any notes in that section. Make sure to click Save once you've finished adding your notes. Parents do not have access to see notes entered in this field. 

Edit custom question responses

Click the View responses link to the right of "Custom questions" to open the pop-up.

To continue with editing the responses, click "Edit responses" in the upper right hand side of the pop-up.

Here you can edit responses, and save those edits. Keep in mind that the family will be able to see any changes you make in this screen. 


You can click this icon to send a message to the parent/guardian for this child. For more information about messaging on Kinside, take a look at this article.

Removing a child from the waitlist

Clicking the three dots icon in the bottom right corner of the child waitlist record will allow you the option to mark the child as enrolled or non-responsive, or remove the child from the waitlist. Read more about removing a child from the waitlist here

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