Kinside: Your child care benefit

Find, tour, and enroll with child care programs near you.

Your employer is offering you a Kinside membership to help you with everything from finding child care to paying for child care. With your Kinside benefit you can discover new child care programs, enroll in those programs, and secure discounts whenever possible. In a nutshell, if you are a parent, then your child care benefit is here to help.

Today, the process of finding child care is overwhelming. Do you want a place near home or by work? What’s your budget? What are other people paying? Which programs have the availability?

That's where Kinside comes in. Kinside makes this entire process so much easier.

You can search our network of providers. 

With access to over 1M child care spots and savings of up to 10%, you can access the care you need to be fully productive and engaged at work.


Tour a number of programs. 

Whether you prefer an in-person visit or a virtual tour, we help you find the perfect match.

Overwhelmed? Short on time? Our Concierge has you covered.

Your dedicated Concierge is your personal child care advocate, here to answer your questions about child care. 

The best part? You can work 1-1 with them on a highly customized search* leaving all of the legwork to us. You will have up-to-date availability and pricing on programs in your area delivered to you, tours will be arranged that match your schedule, and whenever possible our team will work to secure preferred rates for you.

And of course, your dedicated Concierge team is always right at your fingertips with the chat feature located in the lower right corner of your screen.

*Custom matches are available with employer sponsorship.


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