How to set up, edit, and cancel recurring payments to your provider.

Set up autopay on Kinside to make your monthly tuition payments.

Set up a new recurring payment

To get started, log into your Kinside account. Find your child care provider's profile page and click the "Pay provider" button.

The "Send a Payment" window will pop up. Enter the amount you'd like to pay, indicate what this payment is for, and check the box next to "Make this a recurring payment." 

Once you've indicated that this is a recurring payment, you can set up your schedule details, like the payment frequency and when you want to send the last payment.

You'll need to indicate:

  1. How often you'll send payment. Options are monthly, weekly, or every two weeks. 
  2. What day/date your payment should be sent.
    1. For monthly payments, you'll choose a date to send payment*
    2. For weekly or bi-weekly payments, you'll choose a weekday that your payments are sent.
  3. What date your first payment should be sent.
  4. What date your last payment should be sent.

*If your payment is scheduled for the 29th-31st, it will be processed on the last day of the month when the month doesn't extend to the 31st.

Note: If your scheduled payment falls on a weekend or holiday, the payment will be processed the following business day.

You then can send or add your payment method.

Note: Payments by debit/credit (including DC FSA debit cards) will incur a 3% processing fee. Payments via bank account (ACH) are fee-free.

Once you've selected your payment method, click "Continue" to proceed with your payments. 

Review the details of your payment. If you need to modify any information, click "Change payment info." In this pop-up, it's recommended that you add a message for the provider noting about what the payment is for. 

Keep in mind that payments reach the provider 3-5 days after they are processed. We recommend scheduling your payments in advance of the due date to ensure your payment is made on time.

Edit a recurring payment

To edit a recurring payment, log into your Kinside account and click "My Payments" in the middle of the page.

Click the gear icon to the right of the payment you would like to edit.

In the pop-up, you can modify the payment amount, date of payment, number of payments, and payment method. Make sure to click "Save changes" when you've made the needed modifications. 

Cancelling a recurring payment

To cancel a recurring payment, log into your Kinside account and click "My Programs." Click the gear icon next to the payment you'd like to cancel. 

Click "Cancel all payments" at the top of the pop-up.

Verify that you understand that moving forward will cancel all remaining scheduled payments by checking the box. Click "Save changes." 

Interested in learning how to make a one-time payment? Learn how to do that here

Have additional questions? Contact the support team at, or chat with us using the icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.