How do I find where I am on a child care provider's waitlist?

When you join a child care program's waitlist, you'll receive seat offers before the public knows about an opening. And if the program is using LegUp, you can track your waitlist spot and update your enrollment preferences, so you get the right seat

How do I find my waitlist status?

To track where you are on a waitlist, first, log in to You'll be immediately placed on your Dashboard. Under the Waitlist Status section, you will see your program listed, and on the right, you can see your waitlist status.


LegUp Child Care Waitlist Status Section


What do the waitlist positions mean?

It is important to note that childcare programs get to choose how they display their waitlist. There are three options:

LegUp Child Care Waitlist Pool Icon

Option 1: Waitlist Pool

Some programs choose not to show a waitlist number and operate on a "waitlist pool." You'll still receive a seat offer in order of when you joined the waitlist, but waitlist numbers change so often due to waitlist priorities (e.g. a family moves to the top because a sibling is already enrolled), and the program doesn't want to confuse a family.


LegUp Child Care Waitlist Number Icon

Option 2: Waitlist Number

Some programs will tell you what number you are on the waitlist for that age group. This number will often move both up and down due to waitlist priorities set by a program, but you'll have more clarity into the potential of you getting a seat when you need one.



LegUp Child Care Detailed Waitlist Number Icon

Option 3: Detailed Waitlist Number

Some programs choose to give you even more clarity on the waitlist. You'll not only know what number you are on the waitlist, but you'll know how many other families are looking for care in the same month you are and who are looking for the same schedule. You can click the "info" circle to get those details.



LegUp Waitlist Position Details


You'll receive a monthly reminder via email and text message (if you opted in) about your waitlist status. To ensure you get the seat you want, keep your enrollment preferences updated and ensure that your inbox allows emails from "".