Waitlist FAQs

Why can't I see where I am on the waitlist?

Many providers don't display this information. 

Why did my waitlist number increase?

There are a number of reasons your number may have increased:

  1. The provider altered the age requirements of their classrooms, which moved children to different lists.
  2. A child or children were added to the list that have priority (usually siblings of already enrolled children).
  3. Children outgrew the previous age group and moved into a new age group, but joined the waitlist before you did. 

Please keep in mind that while waitlist number give some insight into when you might be offered a spot, there are likely families ahead of you that are going to age into a different waitlist or want care after your preferred enrollment date. 

Can I get a refund of my waitlist fee?

Waitlist fees are nonrefundable.

Sometimes, though not often, you may not receive a spot offer with the provider before your child outgrows the program. On rare occasions, a provider may close their business, even though they have a number of children waiting for a spot. Refunds are not provided in these situations, or if you choose to remove yourself from the list for any reason.

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