What is Kinside Concierge?

You might like some support with finding child care, and Kinside's got you covered! Here's an overview of the Kinside Concierge experience.

What is a custom search?

A custom search is available to members whose employer sponsors Kinside as a benefit. Our concierge team will reach out to all of the providers in your area for availability and pricing based on your preferences, such as location, center vs home based, pedagogy, etc. We'll share matches for you to review and help you set up tours, join waitlists (if necessary), and finally, enroll. 

What information does the Kinside Concierge team need to start a custom search?

  • An address to center our search around - this doesn't have to be your home or work address, it could be a nearby landmark like a grocery store or intersection. It just needs to be convenient! 
  • Your child's date of birth 
  • Your preferred enrollment date
  • Your preferred schedule (full time/part time)
  • Your budget
  • The name of your current provider (if applicable)
  • Any other important information
    • Allergies
    • Center or home-based preferences
    • Religious affiliation, pedagogy, etc.
    • Subsidies you receive

How long does it take to get options?

Sometimes we're able to find matches the same day we start your search and sometimes it might take longer. For areas with limited providers and/or availability, we may need to expand the search area and do additional outreach.  Providers are sometimes difficult to reach, and require multiple emails, phone calls, and text messages.  That's okay - it's what we're here for. If it does take more than a day, you will know as we will keep you updated on any results as they come in.

What do parents need to do during this process?

Custom searches are a collaborative process. It's very important that parents are responsive to communication from the Kinside team, especially if you don't like the matches. We can fine tune your search only if we have feedback. 

Is Kinside Concierge always able to find matches?

We'll do our very best to find providers that meet all of your needs and preferences, but sometimes we won't be able to find the perfect match. In this case, it might help to adjust some of your search criteria (where possible) to find additional options:

  • Expand the search area
  • Consider additional/alternative schedules
  • Increase your budget

While rare, there are some occasions when Kinside is not be able to find a match for you. For instance, if you require overnight care, some states require providers to have special licensing for extended hours. Most providers opt not to have this, so we may not be able to accommodate your request. While there may not be licensed care providers able to meet your needs, we do partner with UrbanSitter, and you receive a 20% discount on membership to find a nanny or babysitter with this link.

Have additional questions? Contact our team at concierge@kinside.com for more information!