Adding Tuitions and Schedules on Kinside

We've simplified how to add and edit Schedules and Tuitions in your account.

We’ve split Schedules and Tuitions into two different sections so it's easier than ever to make speedy changes to your account. 

Here's a quick overview of what we've updated and how to quickly make changes to your account:

  • You'll see that Schedules and Tuitions are now two sections on your menu.


  • When getting your account started, you'll be prompted to set up your schedules.
  • Any schedules that are already in your account will still be there. Now, you can easily make changes to any new or existing schedules.

  • Even better, we've created a couple of templates of the most commonly-used schedules to help save you more time.


  • If you don't already have any tuitions in your account, you'll be prompted to add those.
  • Any existing schedules will still be in your account. When you need to make updates or changes to your existing tuitions, you can simply edit the information in the Tuitions section of your account.

Getting started with adding new tuitions to Kinside

Adding new tuitions to Kinside

And that's it!

We made these small changes to save you time and make updating your account easier. Log in to see for yourself. 

Reach out to if you have any questions or book your support call here.