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How to buy your domain name

Navigate to squarespace.com

Click "PRODUCTS" from the top menu

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 4.53.33 PM

Click "Find a Domain"

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 4.54.48 PM

Click the "Start your search here" field.

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 4.55.48 PM

Enter the domain that you'd like to purchase.

Click on the best option that appears. Kinside tip: having a domain that ends with a ".com" is preferable, if it's available.


Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 4.57.50 PM

You'll need to create your account to checkout.

Let the Kinside Team know what your new domain is and we'll show you how easy it is to connect your Kinside account!