How does the Kinside x Alliance CORE connection work?

We've integrated with ELV's Alliance CORE platform to help you save even more time enrolling families.


Kinside helps you share your real-time availability online and helps prospective families enroll in your program quickly. Early Learning Venture (ELV) Alliance CORE is a Child Care Management Software that helps you reduce paperwork, collect tuition on-time, communicate with families, manage your program, and more.

Using just one of these tools will help you save hours daily and increase your bottom line. Using both is like having a full-time Administrator, without staffing costs. So Kinside and Early Learning Ventures connected our systems to help you save even more time, and give our programs a holistic solution.

So how do the two platforms connect your enrollments?

This connection makes it easy for you to send registration & enrollment paperwork to families, and collect fees automatically. Once a family completes registration payment through Kinside, their information automatically gets sent to ELV! Here are the full steps showing how this works:

  1. Once a family has toured and you're ready to enroll them, head to your Action Center.

  2. Find the family you want to register, then approve them for enrollment by dragging them to the "Enrollment Approved" column or clicking "Approve family for enrollment".

  3. The family then receives an email and text message (if they've opted in) that takes them to their portal to pay.

  4. The family submits the rest of their information, including the child's full name, date of birth, and address, along with the parent / guardian(s) name, address, company, and phone number. Then the family pays.

  5. Once the family pays, you'll receive an alert about the payment, and so does Alliance CORE! That family's information is immediately sent to CORE, a profile is created for the family, and then CORE sends your enrollment paperwork to the family, prompting the family to sign in and set up their account.



That's it! Have any questions or concerns? Please reach out to the Kinside Team at