How do I move a child back to my waitlist?

This article describes the process of moving a child back to the waitlist and the reasons you might do so.

Kinside does a lot on the backend to keep each child's status current, so you can take care of all the other things on your plate. Occasionally, situations may occur where a family requires a manual status change, including moving a child back to your waitlist. Let's take a look at how to change that status and a few situations where that might apply.

Moving A Child Back To Your Waitlist

NOTE: This option is only available if there is a seat on hold for the child whose status you'd like to change.

  1. Navigate to the "Waitlist" tab in the left menu.

  2. Locate the seat on hold for the child you want to move back to the waitlist by clicking the small green seat icon. 

  3. Click on the child's name to open the Waitlist Details pop-up.

  4. From the Waitlist Details pop-up, locate and click the green text that says "The child was offered a seat..." to display the status drop-down.

  5. Choose "Move Child Back To Waitlist" from the selection drop-down.

  6. Complete the details in the confirmation drop-down.

  7. Click the yellow "Submit" button to complete the process.

When should I use this option?

This is a great option if the family is still interested in your program, but they decided now is not the best time to enroll.

This option can also be used for families who have scheduled tours but are not currently on your waitlist. In this scenario, we'll send the family a link to join your waitlist and, if required, pay your waitlist fee.

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