How do I approve enrollment and send families the registration form?

In the Action Center, you can approve enrollment and send families your registration form.

If you're ready to accept and enroll a family into your community, it'll take one quick minute to approve a family's enrollment and send them the registration form, and request the enrollment fee.

Here's a step-by-step on how to do it.

  1. Go to the Action Center in the LegUp Provider tools by selecting the “Action Center” tab

  2. Locate the family you would like to send the registration form.

  3. Click on the family card and drag it to the column labeled "Enrollment Approved".



  4. If the family card has a spot attached, a pop-up will come up letting you know which pricing option the family is interested in, if they’ve selected one. You can select to offer them that pricing option or can offer them a different one if it is more appropriate for your needs. You can also add any notes that you would like for the family. They will see these notes when they pay their enrollment fee through LegUp.



That's it! Want more customization! Email us at to submit a request, or click the feedback button in your Enrollment Concierge to send suggestions.