Finding the right child care provider: tours

Learn more about what to ask and what to look for on a daycare or preschool tour

Touring a daycare can be an important step in finding out if it’s a great fit for your family. While on the tour, take note of what you saw, what you heard and how you felt about each place. We’ve created this in-depth guide to make it easier for parents to know what to ask and what to look for while on a daycare or preschool tour. Be sure to check with the facility ahead of time to know if children are invited to join. If your child is having fun and doesn’t want to leave at the end of the tour, your search may be complete. 

If you’re unable to attend an in-person tour, no problem. This guide also applies to virtual tours, or even a phone call with a care provider of interest.  

Questions to ask on your tour

  1. What is your childcare philosophy and curriculum?
  2. What are the training requirements for your teaching staff? Is there anything that your facility specializes in or is known for?
  3. What is your staff-to-child ratio?
  4. How do you keep parents up to date on a child's progress and behavior? 
    • Do you communicate daily with parents about incidents, observations, or cute moments?
    • Are we able to call or text to check in throughout the day? 
  5. Can you walk me through an average day at your daycare? What activities do you do with the children?
    • Ask for examples of activities if not provided.
    • Do you allow screen time and if so, how much and how often?
    • What activities do you do to foster social and emotional development?
    • How often and for how long do children play outdoors? Where does outdoor play take place?
    • Can my child follow their current nap schedule or do all children follow your daycare’s schedule? 
  6. How do you support and comfort children when they are upset?
  7. How is discipline handled at your daycare? 
  8. Do you provide meals and snacks and if so, what are some examples of foods offered?
  9. Which holidays and other dates are you closed?
  10. Ask about any specific needs of your child 
    • If they have a food allergy, ask about their experience and comfortability monitoring children with allergies.
    • If your child takes medication, are they comfortable administering the medication as needed? What is their process for logging when medication is given?
    • If your child has special needs, ask if they are experienced in the accommodations your child may need or willing to learn how to best care for your child.
  11. Health and safety:
    • Are children required to be immunized to attend your daycare? 
    • What is your illness policy? Can children be in attendance when they have cold or cough symptoms? 
    • Are staff required to be certified in First Aid and CPR?
    • Are children supervised at all times, even while sleeping?
    • For questions relating to Covid-19, refer to our guide here.

What to look for during your tour

Choosing the best daycare for your children relies partly on intuition and observation. While on your tour, pay close attention to:

  • How teachers interact with the children
    • How do they respond to their needs?
    • How do they offer comfort when upset? 
    • How do they handle conflict between children?
  • Do children seem well cared for and engaged? 
  • Is the staff warm and welcoming? 
  • Is the space clean? Does it appear to be well maintained?
  • Do teachers wash their hands after diaper changes and before handling food?
  • Are cleaning supplies and medications stored securely?

If an in-person tour is not possible or you choose to speak by phone or attend a virtual tour, note the provider’s tone:

  • Do they seem inviting?
  • Are they enthusiastic about sharing information about their program? 
  • Do they ask for information about your child or children?
  • Do they allow for enough time to discuss your questions? 
  • Do they give thoughtful responses?

Looking for more?

Reach out to Kinside Concierge for more assistance. Email us at or use the chat window on the bottom right of the app to contact a Concierge from the hours of 8am-5pm PST.