Discount Information and FAQs

There are often provider discounts for Kinside members. This article will walk you through the most asked questions about discounts on Kinside and how to use them.

Many providers offer discounts to Kinside members. If a provider offers a discount, you'll see a notice on their profile with information about said discount, similar to these:

Does every provider or partner on the Kinside platform offer a discount?

The short answer is no. While we are working on arranging as many partner discounts as we can, for some providers, it just isn't in their budget.  In addition, Kinside lists EVERY licensed provider in the United States, so many providers are listed without arranging a partner discount. If there is no note about a discount on the provider profile, then it's safe to assume this provider doesn't offer one.

I chose my provider using Kinside and now I'm enrolling. How do I get the discount? 

You'll need to reach out to the concierge team via chat (in the bottom right hand corner) or by emailing to get the appropriate voucher for the discount. Please make sure to provide the following information when you reach out:

  1. Name and location of the provider
  2. DOB for your child
  3. Start date
  4. Tuition rate prior to applying the discount

This information is really helpful and enables us to confirm the discount with your provider on our end.

I get a discount with my provider through my employer. Can I also get the Kinside discount?

Sadly, discounts cannot be combined. However, you get to choose which discount you'd like to apply.

The discount says it's for new enrollments, but I've already enrolled with a provider. Can I still get the discount?

Ultimately, honoring a discount is at the discretion of the provider and/or director of the facility. A provider might be willing to honor a discount if you're already enrolled, especially if the enrollment was fairly recent. Discounts are not applied retroactively, so you'd only be able to get the discount applied moving forward, if they're willing to honor it. In short, it never hurts to ask!

The provider's profile shows a discount, but the location said they don't offer a discount. What do I do?

  • This could be a simple misunderstanding. If the provider is a large chain, it's likely that Kinside works with this provider on a corporate level, so individual locations may be unfamiliar. That's okay - we can help clear it up!
  • This location may have changed brand names. For instance, Everbrook Academy is part of Learning Care Group. Most LCG brands offer a discount to Kinside members, but Everbrook Academy does not. If the provider recently changed from a brand that offers a discount, like Childtime, the discount banner may appear on that profile incorrectly. Let us know so that we can update the profile.
  • This location might not participate in the discount program. While rare, some locations with large chains may be independently owned or operated and they do not offer a discount. Notably, this is the case with some TutorTime locations. Our concierge team can assist with verifying whether a location does or doesn't offer the discount. 

Do you have any tips for other available discounts?

Even if the provider you enroll with doesn't offer a discount for Kinside members, there are other ways to save money. 

  • Some providers will offer a discount if you are able to pay 6 months or a year upfront. If they offer this program and it's something you're able to do, make sure to ask your provider about their policy in the event of a closure, or if you move out of the area.
  • Most providers offer discounts for siblings, and this is usually applied to the tuition for the older child. If you're enrolling more than one child, ask your provider about this discount. 
  • Utilizing a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account can save precious dollars! This is a pre-tax deduction from your paycheck which is expressly for caring for your dependent. Learn more about DC FSA accounts here
  • Some providers offer their own discounts or fee waivers as promotions. Usually these will be advertised on their website or social media. 
  • Finally, you may qualify for local, state, or federal financial aid. To find out more, check out

Still have questions? Chat with us or email our team at We're happy to help!