Resending Registration Form and Enrollment Fee Request

Resend the registration form so it's at the top of the family's inbox! 

Just like yours, parents' or guardians' email inboxes get full quickly! So we make it easy to resend the registration form and enrollment fee request so it's at the top of that family's inbox.

How to Resend the Registration Form to a Family

  1. In your Enrollment Platform, head to the Action Center page.

  2. Find the family you're looking for in the "Enrollment Approved" column, then click on the ellipsis ("...") right next to the child's name. In the drop-down menu, choose "Change Tuition Rate".

  3. If you don't want to make changes, click the green "Send Registration Form And Request Enrollment Fee" button. The family will immediately receive a reminder.

  4. Want to make changes to the registration form? Update the tuition, family's start date, or any notes to the family before clicking the green button. You can also waive or discount the registration fee.

That's it! Have additional questions? Reach out at or chat with your Enrollment Support Team through the chat box in your Enrollment Platform.

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