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LegUp Payment Options You can choose from two different payment types - "Free for Me" or "Free for Families" Jessica Eggert

LegUp was created to help providers manage enrollment and fill their seats faster, so they could focus on everything else. But we don't think that this support should cost you an arm and a leg! So we let you choose from two payment types, so you can pick the best option for your program and your budget.

Option 1: Free for Me

The "Free for Me" plan is the transaction fee plan, where fees are passed on to the parent. We charge these fees to cover the credit card and payment processing fees.

With the "Free for Me" plan, you don't pay anything -- not even credit card fees! Your Enrollment Support Team will work with you to adjust your existing costs so you keep your full original fee.

These transaction fees are as follows:

  • Waitlist Fee: $15 per waitlist signup
    When a parent signs up for your waitlist and pays, they will pay $15 more than your original fee. For example, if you normally charge a $50 waitlist fee, the parent will pay $65. You keep your full $50.

    * If you do not charge a waitlist fee, you can ignore this -- the $15 fee will not be charged.

    ** With LegUp, subsidy-eligible families are not obligated to pay a waitlist fee.

  • Enrollment Fee: 15% or $25 per enrollment
    When a parent pays your registration or deposit fee, they will pay 15% more, or a minimum of $25 more, than your original fee. For example, if you normally charge a $500 enrollment fee, the parent will pay $575. You keep your full $500.

    *If you do not charge an enrollment fee, you can ignore this -- the 15% or $25 will not be charged to the parent.

    ** You can waive your enrollment fee for any reason. If the enrollment fee is fully waived, the parent will not pay a transaction fee. If the enrollment fee is discounted, the parent will pay 15% or $25 on the new charge.

    *** We only charge a maximum of $150. So if your enrollment or registration fee is $2500, the parent will pay $2,750. Not $2,875 (15% = $375).

Option 2: "Free for Families"

If you do not want parents paying the transaction fee, you can opt-in to the monthly subscription fee instead. We charge one flat fee depending on your licensed capacity.

  • Licensed Capacity = 0-30
    $25/month Subscription

  • Licensed Capacity = 31-60
    $55/month Subscription

  • Licensed Capacity = 61-100
    $69/month Subscription

  • Licensed Capacity = 101+
    $99/month Subscription

Changing Your Payment Plan

You can opt-in to change your payment plan at any time. If you are on the "Free for Families" (Monthly Subscription) plan, your payment plan will switch at the end of your monthly billing cycle.

To change your plan, reach out to your Enrollment Support Team at enrollment@legup.care, or message them in the platform!

Have questions about the payment options? Reach out at enrollment@legup.care!

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