How to add a family to the waitlist

How you can add a family to the waitlist without using your Enrollment Page.

Sometimes you will need to add an existing family that got left off of your waitlist! LegUp powered by Kinside makes this easy and painless.

How to add a family to the waitlist manually.

  1. Click on the "Waitlist" tab on the left menu

  2. Click the "Add Family" button at the top of the waitlist page.

  3. Then choose a reason for adding a family manually (this helps us understand if the waitlist form isn't working!)

  4. Add the family's information. It's only mandatory to have the Parent's name, their email address, and the child's date of birth.

  5. Scroll down and click "Add Family". Note, you can choose to ask the family to pay the waitlist fee if you charge one.

  6. The family will immediately have access to log in at to finish filling out the rest of their family information, and share their preferred enrollment information. They will also receive monthly waitlist reminders.

That's it! Have additional questions? Please reach out to or reach out via our in-platform communications app.