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How is Kinside free to use?

You are probably here because you have a few questions: How is Kinside free? How are there no catches? No contracts? No anything?

The short but sweet answer is that yes, we are totally free to use for all providers in the United States. We will never charge you a penny to use our services, we will never ask you to sign any contracts and we will not ask you for your credit card information.

But how in the world is that possible? A free service that helps providers? The answer lies in one word: employers.

Employers, such as Google, Uber, Reddit, Rivian and thousands more, partner with us to ensure their employees have equitable and attainable access to child care. As you are aware, parents can often spend months (or even years!) on waitlists, and if they are not able to find care, oftentimes that results in the parent(s) staying home with their little ones. The number one reason why parents do not go back to work is because they cannot find care. This is not ideal not only for the parents that are out of the workplace, but for employers needing to spend loads of money rehiring or creating contingency plans.

This is where Kinside comes in to bridge the gap. Employers pay us to find a large network of provider partners (such as yourself) so that their employees can find care in a streamlined, hassle-free manner. These employees use Kinside's beautiful website and marketplace to see all of their potential options in their area, the price of certain programs, and even if these programs have open spots.

Basically, we have made finding care a breeze. Employers are catching on that if their employees can find care, they can come back to work quickly, in turn saving them money. Parents love the idea of finding childcare quickly so they can get back to the workforce and provide for their family.

At Kinside, we believe in more than just helping providers such as yourself in filling their open spots for free. We believe in revolutionizing the child care industry so that all parents across the country can gain access to the best possible care in the easiest way possible. Come join us in making that happen!