How do I update the subsidies I offer on my Enrollment Page?

You can update the subsidies your program accepts at anytime!

The subsidies your program accepts are displayed on your Enrollment Page for families to see. Some times you will need to update this information. Here are some step-by-step instructions:

  1. Head over to your program details and scroll to about the middle of the page, this will be the section after your business hours.

  2. Next, you will click that "Add Subsidy" button.

  3. Then, chose a subsidy. We can only chose one at a time, so for each selection head back in for the next.

  4. To delete a subsidy, just hit the trash icon next to a subsidy.

Here is a short video to walk you through!

That's it! Have other questions? Email us at or message us through your Enrollment Platform.