How do I update my enrollment preferences on the waitlist?

Make sure you've set your preferred enrollment date and schedule on your waitlist spot.

Once you've joined a waitlist, you may want to update your preferred enrollment month or your preferred schedule due to changes in your life. And it's a good idea - the more accurate your information, the better chance you have of getting a seat offer that works well for you.

Updating your enrollment preferences is easy, and automatically updates for providers too.

How do I update my preferred enrollment month?

  1. First, head to your dashboard by logging in at Then scroll down to your "Waitlist Status".

  2. Find the waitlist you want to update and click on it.

  3. Near the top of the page, you'll see a section where you can edit your preferred enrollment month. Choose whichever month and year work best for you.

  4. Don't forget to scroll down and click save!

Please note that if you want to update your preferred enrollment month at all programs, you'll have to do this next step for each waitlist individually.



How do I update my preferred schedule?

  1. Click on your waitlist from the dashboard.

  2. Below your preferred enrollment date, you'll see a section listing the available schedules at this program. If there is only one schedule, that means the program does not currently offer alternative schedule options for this age group.

  3. Click any of the schedules you are willing to accept. Note: if you are accepted for a part-time schedule but want a full-time schedule, let the program know and you'll most likely be one of the first to access a full-time schedule when one becomes available.

  4. Don't forget to scroll down and click save!


Last note: you can also set a preference to not be contacted before a specific date. Sometimes providers will have seats that become available a few months before your preferred date and may offer you that seat. If you're not interested in starting early, click "Will not enroll before" and choose the earliest date you're willing to enroll.


That's it! Have any more questions? Reach out at