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How do I update mine or my child's information?

How do I update mine or my child's information? Need to update a name, address, or date of birth? Read more here. Jessica Eggert

Whether you joined a waitlist and there was a typo, or you want to update your child's date of birth now that they're born, you can easily edit this information so you're able to receive the right seat offer at the right time for your family.

How do I update my information?

  1. Log in to your LegUp Family account, and click "My Family".

  2. From here, you'll see your information and the information of a second parent or guardian, if you added one. Update any information you'd like.

  3. Click "Save" under each Parent/Guardian's information.

How do I update my child's information?

  1. From your "My Family" page, click on the tab of the child who you'd like to update information for.

  2. Click "Save" under the child's information once your updates are completed.

Will a provider be notified of my updates?

As soon as you click "Save", the information a provider sees will be updated.

Will my waitlist position change if I update my information?

It's possible that when you update your child's information, specifically their date of birth, your waitlist number may change. This will only happen if the age change has adjusted the age group that your child is on. You will see your waitlist information automatically reflected on your child's profile page and on your dashboard.

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