How Do I Remove My Child from a Waitlist

Need to remove your child from a program's waitlist? Here is a tutorial to walk you through the process

If you no longer need care or are not interested in enrolling in a program follow these steps to remove your child(ren):

First, log in to and sign in using your login credentials that you used to create your account.

Next, click on "My Family" on your left-side menu

From here, you will see your parent details, click on your child's name to open their details:

Scroll to the bottom of that child's page and then click on the waitlist you want to remove your child from

This will open up a window and you will then hit "REMOVE FROM WAITLIST"

Please keep in mind that if you remove a child from a waitlist you will have to pay any associated fees and you will not be able to save any previous positions on a waitlist.


If you have any questions please email us at