How do I pause or unpause my waitlist?

Want families to be able to join your waitlist from your Enrollment Page?

Your waitlist is a great way to organize all of the families who would like to join your child care program, all in one simple place. Families can join straight from your Enrollment Page with the click of a button. There are times that you may want to pause or unpause your waitlist, depending on whether you'd like to increase or decrease the flow of interested families.

How to pause or unpause your waitlist

  1. Login to your LegUp account
  2. Click on the Program tab
  3. Click on the Enrollment Page tab at the top
  4. Under the Page Styling section, click on the pencil icon to edit the Enrollment Process section
  5. Edit Enrollment Option by clicking to select "Yes" (unpaused) or "No" (paused) under "Do you want to allow families to join your waitlist?" and click Save.
  6. To preview those settings, go to your enrollment page by clicking the button PREVIEW ENROLLMENT PAGE
  7. If you want your waitlist to be unpaused, make sure your waitlist button is active by checking to make sure there is a button that says JOIN WAITLIST in gold. If you want your waitlist to be paused, make sure there is no button to JOIN WAITLIST.

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