How do I offer a seat to a family, when another family has been offered the seat?

Mistakes happen. We get it, so let's fix it.

When a seat is added to your LegUp Enrollment Platform, we'll locate the next family on your waitlist who qualifies for the seat and prepare to make them an offer. Occasionally providers need these open seats for a family other than the one we qualify, and if the seat is not placed on hold within the first 10 minutes, we'll offer the seat to a family you weren't ready to enroll. If this happens, there are two options you can use to navigate this situation.

Option 1: Pause the seat and wait for the offered family to pass

In this option, that original family will still be able to accept or decline the offer, but if they pass or do not accept by the deadline, the seat will remain paused so no other offers on that seat will go out after that family's offer. Once it's paused, you can do a direct offer to the family you had in mind for that seat.

Pausing the Seat

  1. Locate the seat you want to pause.

  2. Click the ellipsis (three dots) to open the Action Menu.

  3. Locate and click the option for "Pause offers for seat".

  4. Confirm that you want to pause the seat.

Manually Offering the Seat

  1. Locate the seat you want to offer to a family.

  2. Click the yellow text that says "Manually Offer Seat To Family".

  3. In the offer pop-up, click "Choose Family From Waitlist" or enter the family's information into the form (for families who are not in your LegUp account).

  4. Check the information that was entered into the offer pop-up.

  5. Select an offer action.

    1. Schedule Tour: for families who need a look at your program

    2. Approve Enrollment: for families who you're ready to start

  6. Finalize any pop-up details for the tour or approval.

  7. Click "Offer Seat To Family" to complete the process.

Option 2: Move the offered family back to the waitlist

This will require some communication (we suggest email) from you to the family explaining what's happened. Once the family is moved back on the waitlist, you can do a direct offer to the family you had in mind for that seat. Below is an example email you can use to send to a family in this situation - just customize it to fit your needs.

Example Email

Dear (insert family name here),

It looks like you were sent a seat offer in error. We are so sorry for this inconvenience. We have put your child back on the waitlist in their original position. Please let us know if you have any questions.


(insert Child Care Center name here)

Moving A Family Back To the Waitlist

  1. Locate the seat on hold for the family you want to move back to the waitlist.

  2. Click on the child's name (in yellow) at the bottom of the seat card.

  3. In the Waitlist Details pop up, click on the text that says "This child was offered a seat on {Month 00,0000}. Click here to change this status.

  4. Click the status drop-down and choose "Move Family Back To Waitlist".

  5. Update the family's preferred enrollment date or, if you're not sure, choose "I'm not sure how the family is considering future offers..."

  6. Click the yellow "Submit" button.

That's it! Do you still have questions? Email us at or click the feedback button in your Enrollment Platform to chat.