How do I change a parent's waitlist "join date"?

Adding a family to the waitlist late? You can change their "join date" to make sure they're in the right waitlist spot.

Sometimes you may need to take down a family's information manually and add them the next day, or maybe a family was lost in the import when you joined LegUp. Normally when you add a family to the waitlist, their "waitlist joined date" is marked as the day you add them. If you need to change that date, we now have two ways to do so!

Change the Waitlist Joined Date When Adding a Family

One way to change the waitlist joined date is when you're first adding the family manually.

  1. Go to your Waitlist in the Platform

  2. Click the "Add Family" button in the top left corner, and choose the reason for adding a family (this alerts us immediately if the waitlist form isn't working).

  3. Enter the family's information (you only need to add the parent / guardian's name, email address, and child's information).

  4. Scroll down to the "Additional Details" section and click the drop-down.

  5. Click "Use a different add date than today", and select the original date that the family should have been added to the waitlist.


  6. Click the "Add Family" button when you're done.

That's it! Now the family will be placed in the right spot on the waitlist.

Change the Waitlist Add Date on the Child's Waitlist Page

Maybe the parent chose to add them to the waitlist or you forgot to mark the joined date when adding a family manually. No worries! Here's how to update the waitlist joined date in this scenario:

  1. Go to your Waitlist page in the Platform

  2. Search for the family you need to update.

  3. Click on the family. A pop-up will appear with the family's waitlist details.

  4. Under the child's name and age, you'll see a section called "Joined waitlist on". Change the date to your family's joined date.

  5. Scroll down and click "Save Changes"

That's it! Only you and LegUp Admins have access to this section - families can't change this date.

Have any questions or concerns? Reach out to us at, or message us in the in-platform communications tools.