How do I add a sibling to the waitlist?

If one of your families has a sibling already on the waitlist, you can help them add another child! 

If a family already has a child on your waitlist but wants to add another, either you or the family can add them to the waitlist.

The family can go through your Enrollment Page like they normally do. Here's an article on how to locate your Enrollment Page link in your Platform.

If you want to be able to allow families to add siblings for no cost to the waitlist, see this article here.

If you want to add another child to the waitlist for the parent, here's how to do so!

How to Add A Sibling to the Waitlist

Before beginning, please make sure you have the email address of Parent / Guardian #1. If the wrong email address is entered, the child will not attach to the parent's account.

  1. Go to your Waitlist Page by clicking "Waitlist" in the left hand menu, then click "Add Family"

  2. Choose the reason you are adding the family.

  3. Enter the Parent / Guardian's details (you only need to add Parent/Guardian #1, not a second one) and the sibling's information in the Child Section.
    Note: In the Parent / Guardian section, only the name and email address is mandatory to complete. This email address needs to be the exact same as the email they registered with.

  4. If you would like the parent to pay a fee to add this child to the waitlist, be sure to click the check mark at the bottom of the page.

  5. Click "Add Family" button.

  6. You'll then get a pop up asking you if this is the same child already on the waitlist, or if this is a new child. Click the text to add a new child.


Once you've added a family, be sure to inform them that they can log in and update their details at

If you have any questions, please reach out to us using the in-platform or chat or email us at