How do families hold a seat from my Enrollment Page?

List and manage your seat openings on your enrollment page to more quickly fill open spots.

Your Enrollment Page is where families can see your available seats, schedule a tour, and even request to hold a seat. It is important to keep your seat openings up-to-date so families are empowered to take action on your Enrollment Page.

How a family can hold a seat from your enrollment page:

  1. When families arrive at your enrollment page, they scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the seats currently available. When they see one they'd like to hold, they click "Learn More"


  2. When the popup appears, they will be able to walk through the prompts, towards the bottom of the popup will be the "Hold This Seat" section. Here they will be able to click the drop down menu to request enrollment paperwork.


  3. If they have already toured, they check that box and enter in their tour date information, if they haven't, they'll be able to enter in any notes they'd like you to see. Then they would click the "Next" button.


  4. The next page that appears will be the section that the families fill out their personal contact information & their child's information.


  5. When they're complete, they'll scroll to the bottom of the popup and click "Send Request."


That's it! Want more customization? Email us at to submit a request, or click the feedback button in your Enrollment Concierge to send suggestions.