How can families add a sibling to the waitlist for free?

We can help you remove the waitlist fee when a sibling is added if that's your policy!

If you charge a waitlist fee or are on the transaction fee ("Free for Me") plan, families have to pay a fee for each child they add to the waitlist. But if your policy is to only charge a waitlist fee per family, we can help you add an automatic discount for a sibling.

How to Remove a Waitlist Fee for Siblings

  1. First, please reach out to us at or through the in-platform chat, and ask us to add a "sibling" discount question.

  2. We'll then add a question to your waitlist asking "Have you already added a sibling to our waitlist?".

  3. Next, we'll add a waitlist discount code on your Tuition page, giving families a 100% discount if they select "Yes" to the question above.

And that's it. Just reach out when you're ready via or through our in-platform communications app and we'll have the discount ready for you ASAP.